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Customer Service

At Colonel's Quarters we strive to provide you with the best customer service during your stay at our cabins! This page is for our guests to get accustomed to the various amenities we offer during your stay! Everything from connecting to our complimentary internet, to using our hot tubs, using your Roku Smart TVs, and much much more, can be found on this page! We hope our videos and guides can make your visit that much more enjoyable! If you still require further assistance feel free to use the contact information at the bottom of this page to reach a member of our staff. If you find this information helpful, and enjoyed your stay, please leave us a review on any of the several sites we are listed on towards the bottom of this page!

Wireless Internet

Each cabin at Colonel's Quarters has its own wireless internet. This wireless internet will allow you to make phone calls, watch our Roku Smart TVs and utilize all of internet needs during your stay at our cabins! Please utilize the below video and the Network and Passwords below to gain access to our high speed internet! If you require further assistance please contact a member of our staff at the bottom of this page.

Networks and Passwords

Connect to our complimentary Wireless Internet using the Networks and Passwords located below! If your require a more private wireless experience please download any number of free VPN (Virtual Private Network) apps from your smart device app store to keep your information private!

Getaway House

Network Name: Frontier9760

Password: 5411025437

Eagle's Nest & Old Moonshiners

Network Name: Frontier1488

Password: 4244787042

Cherokee Way

Network Name: Frontier8752

Password: 16113911310

Whippoorwill & Settler's Roost

Network Name: Frontier0640

Password: 1608433422

Miller's Den & Buckeye Hut

Network Name: Frontier9936

Password: 7150666076

Roku Smart TV

Our Roku Smart TVs provide an excellent viewing experience for our guests. We understand not every guest is familiar with this appliance, so, we created this video to guide you through using the Roku Smart TV! All of our TVs also come with complimentary Netflix so you can enjoy all your favorite shows with one click of a button! If you require further assistance please contact a member of our staff at the bottom of this page.

AC/Heating Units

All of our cabins come equipped with AC/Heating Units to keep you both cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter! Feel free to utilize this quick video on how to operate the units in your cabins, as well as, troubleshooting any issues that may arise! If you require further assistance please contact a member of our staff at the bottom of this page.

Hot Tub Spas

Our cabins come equipped with hot tubs for our guests to relax in the hot water and enjoy the gentle massage from the jets! We just ask that you adhere to the rules posted on every Hot Tub so every guest can have an equally enjoyable time!

Hot Tub Modes can be changed by pressing the  "Temp" button then the "Light" Button. All Hot Tubs are set to "Standard Mode" which is designed to meet the ideal temperature. "Economy Mode" will heat up the spa to the desired temperature during filter cycles. "Sleep Mode" will keep the spa heated to within 20 degrees of the desired temperatures.

Feel free to watch the following video and use the following guide on how to use the Hot Tubs and troubleshooting any minor issues that they come up. If you require further assistance please contact a member of our staff at the bottom of this page.

Tell Us About Your Stay!

We hope that you have enjoyed your stay at Colonel's Quarters, and we hope you book with us again soon! Please enjoy our last video and please feel free to provide us with feedback regarding your stay! You can visit any number of the several sites listed below the video to leave your review, and we appreciate your feedback!

Review Sites

Simply click a page and leave a review!

Staff Members to Contact

Contact a member of our staff below if you require further assistance! 


Michel: (484) 268-8480


Britney: (740) 385-3374


Pamela:  (740) 621-0600